Warners Bay High School Junior AECG (Aboriginal Educational Consultative Group)

Warners Bay High School is proud to have an active Junior AECG that has members from Year 7 through to Year 12.

The role of the Junior AECG is to provide leadership opportunities for students to lobby for what they want and how they want it done. It gives students a voice and a way to express their opinions and perspectives. It also gives students a chance to provide input and ideas on issues relating to Aboriginal education and local events at the school.

The first event for 2016 was a welcome BBQ, where new students were able to meet and talk with existing members of the Junior AECG. More than 30 students attended, including students from the Warners Bay Public School Aboriginal Leadership Group. Students spent the afternoon talking, laughing and sharing stories with one another. It was a great start to the new school year and a great way for new students to connect with the school community.

Story contributed by Lisa Curran from Warners Bay High School. Published in 2016.