Warners Bay Community of Schools Memorandum of Understanding

On Tuesday 21st June, 2016 The Kumaridha Local AECG and the Warners Bay Community of Schools signed a Memorandum of Understanding that recognises the strong partnerships held between the schools and the local AECG in working together to support Aboriginal Education.


More than 50 staff, students, parents and community members attended the signing. The signing was hosted by Junior AECG President Chloe Whitson and Kyle Norman. Kumaridha Local AECG President, Mr Ken Weatherall spoke on behalf of the AECG and Mr Rick Budden, Principal of Valentine, spoke on behalf of the schools. Dancers from both Hunter Sports High School and Swansea Public School performed and an afternoon tea was held afterwards to celebrate the signing.

Story contributed by Lisa Curran from Warners Bay High School. Published in 2016.