The Warners Bay Community of Schools participated in two Speaking in Colour workshops

On Wednesday the 23rd of November 2016, 40 students, teachers and parents from the Warners Bay Community of Schools participated in two Speaking in Colour workshops.

Kyara facilitated an art appreciation workshop and Cherie facilitated a possum skin workshop. Students learnt about the possum skin and what it was used for by our elders and were given the opportunity to wear it. Each participant was able to design a wristband depicting a story guided by the use of Aboriginal symbols and then this was then transferred onto the back of the possum skin.  They were also able to stitch pieces of possum skin together showing how each piece was connected to form a coat to keep our people warm. The wristband is reversible, so students were able to wear it both ways with their pattern showing or the possum skin showing.

In the art appreciation workshop Kyara educated our students about lore and the importance of lore. Students used markers to create a story on a leaf and a piece of canvas. Both Cherie and Kyara are excellent role models for our students in the Warners Bay School Community. The workshops were followed by a BBQ lunch and a Junior AECG meeting. All students engaged with each other and had a fantastic day.

Student Comments:

We had an amazing time and loved being able to spend the day learning about our culture.

I enjoyed learning how to make a possum skin bracelet and making a story on the back of it with the burning tool.

My favourite thing was the possum skin. I really enjoyed learning about the significance of it. My mum and sister were also there and it was fun doing cultural things with them.

I really enjoyed collaborating with other Indigenous teachers and students. As well as learning about art from my culture.

Story contributed by Sophie George from Warners Bay High School. Published in 2016.