Connecting to Country Workshop

Three staff members from Warners Bay High School participated in the Kumaridha Local AECG Connecting to Country workshop.

The program ran for 3 days and focused on different areas such as respect, cultural sites in the area, and community.
The staff visited the Petrified Sisters at Swansea Heads and heard from Uncle Nolan Simons. They also visited the ‘Miromaa Language Centre’ and listened to a very passionate presentation, led by Daryn McKenny and Terry Lee, about the importance of holding onto traditional language.

“This was an excellent experience and one that I would recommend to all teachers. All of the presenters were engaging and passionate about their topics and it made for a very enjoyable and valuable learning experience.”

The staff experienced some bush tucker and listened to some stories from community members during their visit to the Awabakal Field Studies Centre. The activities and knowledge, provided by facilitators, enabled the staff to deepen their understanding of Aboriginal culture and protocols.

“This experience was just incredible and very emotional. The knowledge, understanding and connection to community gained was priceless and would benefit any teacher.”

Story contributed by Lisa Curran from Warners Bay High School. Published in 2018.